Our precautions regarding the Coronavirus

The cabinet is taking far-reaching measures in the fight against the Coronavirus, which is spreading rapidly throughout our country. In accordance with the various guidelines, we, too, are forced to take measures that will be in force until 6 April 2020.

he following measures apply to the Van De Steege Brokerage Group:

Office accessibility

Our offices remain open from 08:30 to 17:30h. Following the advice of the RIVM, some of our colleagues work from home, which leads to lower occupancy of the offices. Of course, we can be easily reached by telephone via the well-known telephone numbers, which can also be found on our website. The telephone lines are also forwarded to the homeworkers, who also have access to all our systems from home, which ensures our clients will experience little or no inconvenience.


In order to prevent further spread, it is advised to follow the current health guidelines for 'physical contacts'. This means that viewings can take place under strict and seemingly unsympathetic conditions:

  • If you have a cold, a dry cough and/or a fever, it is not possible to let the appointment go ahead and you have to let us know. Under these circumstances access to the house is not possible. Also in case of doubt or if a viewing is orienting in nature, it is our preference that you cancel the appointment;
  • Upon arrival and departure our staff will no longer give a hand and an appropriate distance (at least 1.5 meters) will be taken into account;
  • Visits are possible with a maximum of 2 persons and the real estate agent. If you are present with more people they will not have access to the house. It is only possible to gain access to the house when previous viewers have left;
  • We ask both buyer and seller not to bring family or friends with them when the house is delivered. We understand that this is a memorable moment, but in the current circumstances this is not justified;
  • We also ask the viewers not to touch anything, think of door handles, kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets. During the viewing the real estate agent will open all rooms and show them in detail;
  • If one of our employees shows symptoms of illness, we will cancel the appointment in time after which we will look for a suitable solution together;
  • It is not possible to view objects for sale exclusively remotely or digitally and it is also necessary that you have physically viewed an object before you can proceed to purchase;
  • In the case of viewings in which we assist the client with the purchase, the client will make the first viewing him/herself. In case of further interest, it will be determined in consultation whether a real estate agent will support you with a second viewing or whether he will view the object independently.


The same applies here:

  • Do you have a cold, a dry cough and/or a fever? Cancel the appointment;
  • If one of our employees shows symptoms of illness, we will cancel the appointment in time and look for a suitable solution together with you;
  • Upon arrival and departure, our staff will no longer give a hand and a suitable distance (minimum 1.5 meters) will be taken into account;
  • Again, the number of people present at the appointment should be as small as possible and we ask you to limit the presence of housemates to a maximum of 2 people.

Signing purchase agreements

  • A telephone appointment will be made with you to go through the purchase agreement, after which it will be digitally signed.

Transfer and delivery at the notary

  • The real estate agent will only be present during the inspection and will not attend the appointment with the notary.


  • We only place the garden signs. Cubes should be hung up by yourself with the supplied description and we will place them for you at the front door or in the hall. Cubes that can only be reached from the house will be removed by yourself.
  • Sold stickers should be placed on the board or cube by yourself. We will deliver them via the mailbox.

Register as a viewfinder?

  • Registration as viewfinder is only possible by phone. Of course, our service remains unchanged if you already have a search request with us.

Open House

  • We don't organize open house days anymore and we don't go to viewings of open houses.

We rely on understanding and cooperation of the above mentioned measures. If you have any questions or comments, we will of course remain available through our offices at all times.

We find it very annoying to have to impose or follow up these measures, but as we know, this is in everyone's interest. This does not diminish our awareness that every day we are involved in life decisions of our customers, which involve a lot of money. We continue to serve the interests of our customers in the best possible way and continue to strive for the best possible results.

Together we hope to contribute to bringing the Coronavirus under control.