In just the last few years, we’ve handled a diverse range of rental projects in existing buildings, new developments, and renovations. Take a look at our diverse portfolio and outstanding references for both small and larger scale complexes.

Project: Zeeburgereiland Blok 7, Amsterdam
Number of houses: 30
Location                  John Blankensteinstraat/
Faas Wilkesstraat
Principal  De Alliantie 
Project: De Kameleon, Amsterdam Zuidoost
Number of houses: 222
Location Kaspeldreef/ Kruiberghof 
Principal De Key  
Project: Berkelstraat, Amsterdam
Number of houses: 9
Location Berkelstraat 1-5/ Rivierenbuurt
Principal De Alliantie 
Project: Amstelkade, Amsterdam
Number of houses: 8
Location Amstelkade 33-38, Rivierenbuurt
Principal  De Alliantie 
Project: Gorontalostraat, Amsterdam
Number of houses: 19
Location                  Gorontalo-/ Nias- en
Makassarstraat, Amsterdam-Oost
Principal  De Alliantie 
Project: Sarphatiestraat, Amsterdam
Number of houses: 13
Location Sarphatistraat 672-702/                  
Principal  Fortis  
Project: Kasteel Getsewoud, Nieuw Vennep
Number of houses: 12
Location Habanera
Principal  Actys Wonen
Project: Leerdamhof, Amsterdam ZO
Number of houses: 30
Location Leerdamhof/ Leusdenhof                
Principal  Holland Immo Group 
Project: Madurastraat, Amsterdam
Number of houses: 10
Location Madurastraat 32-50/ Indische buurt
Principal De Alliantie 
Project: De Smaragd, Amsterdam
Number of houses: 17
Location                     2de Atjehstraat/ Insulindeweg/ Indische buurt
Principal  De Alliantie 
Project: Buikslotermeerplein, Amsterdam
Number of houses: 35
Location Buikslotermeerplein/ Amsterdam-Noord
Principal Urban Interest
Project: Zeezigt, Diemen
Number of houses: 38
Location Zeezicht/ Diemen-Noord
Principal  Urban Interest 
Project: Borneohof, Amsterdam
Number of houses: 17
Location                   Borneostraat/ Madurastraat/                  
Indische Buurt
Principal  De Alliantie  
Project: Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam
Number of houses: 20
Location                   Faas Wilkesstraat (Windkracht 9-A)
Principal  De Alliantie  
Project: Mosveld, Amsterdam
Number of houses: 13

Mosveld-Berberisstraat-Latherusstraat in

Principal       De Alliantie  
Project: Struikbuurt, Amsterdam
Number of houses: 5
Location                   Johan Limpersstraat 10 t/m 14
Principal  De Alliantie