Crunching the numbers

VDS Housing Consultancy provides expert advice regarding (complex) housing market issues, such as the (re) development of new projects, developments in the housing market, and successful unit sales of rental properties. Our clients include project developers, housing associations, and local authorities.

Our housing consultants work with external data analysts to maintain a unique combination of objectivity and broad local market knowledge.

Report structure

The structure of advice is largely dependent on the client’s requirements. However, reports will always consist of two primary elements: a statistical basis and market analysis.

Origin of data

A complete range of local housing market data is required in order to properly assess a project. This looks at relevant trends in price volatility, demography, and loan availability developments. Complex time series analysis techniques are used to extrapolate relevant information from the available data, which is mainly derived from the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS), the Land Registry, and the NVM.

Local market knowledge

Our housing consultants collect data to paint a full picture of the current market and assess the progress of an individual project within the market. Using their expertise and knowledge of the local housing market, our consultants advise on pricing, marketing, quality standards, sales potential, and project development.

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