About valuations

A property valuation is often required when buying a home. A quick, expert appraisal carried out in accordance with industry standards will minimise any delays in the mortgage process. Our appraisers at Van de Steege can take care of this for you.

Aim of the valuation

Prospective homeowners are required by the lender to provide a valuation report, the aim of which is to indicate the market value of the property being purchased. The value depends on a number of factors such as location, building materials, and state of repair. The value of recently sold, similar properties is also taken into account.

Valuation by the NWWI

Some lenders require a certified valuation report. This means that the report meets the requirements of the NWWI, a Dutch housing evaluation institute. Certification is not always required, and in those situations you can choose Van de Steege to handle your valuation. This means no intervention from the NWWI is required.

Why Van de Steege?

NWWI assessment or not, our appraisers always work in accordance with the standards of the NVM, the largest Dutch association of real estate agents. That means you’re guaranteed a reliable valuation. Our appraisers are available to carry out valuations every day of the week. Need a rush appointment? Just give us a call!

Companies also welcome

Whether you purchase a small retail property or a large-scale complex, you can also contact us for a valuation as a company. Do you need a clear, expert and reliable valuation report? We would like to hear about it!

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