First buy a home through Cribb and then sell it

Do you have plans to move and do you want to buy a home before you sell your own home? Then Cribb offers the solution. Cribb, formerly known as Cirkl, is a new platform where you, together with us, gain access to housing stock that you cannot find anywhere else.

Selling a house broker

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Exclusive access

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Buy first before sell

Not just exclusive access to more offer at Cribb

Most home seekers are first looking for a new home before selling their existing home. Once everyone does this, the market will shut down. Everyone then waits for each other. To get the market moving again, we are working with Cribb. We give you exclusive access to the homes of other home seekers on Cribb via Cribb. You can't find that housing supply anywhere else, not even on Funda. 

Complete the circle with your home

To gain access to exclusive offer, there is one important rule of the game: You must also own your own home without obligation present on Cribb. Then the circle is complete! For example, Cribb wants to set the market in motion via its housing platform.

Also accessible for starters without a home

Cribb makes it for starters without a home increasingly possible to join the housing platform as well. Curious what this can mean for you? Please contact us and ask about the possibilities.

"Every person deserves a nice place on earth. A place they can call home or work. We help people, professionally and using advanced technology, to find, acquire, create and alienate that place."

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