For sale - Anemoonstraat hs 2, Amsterdam

Anemoonstraat hs 2

1031 GA, Amsterdam

€ 330.000,-


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A beautiful village in the city. This is how you can describe the Van der Pekbuurt in Amsterdam-North. Maybe it will soon be 'your' village? This concerns 64 homes, of which 31 downstairs apartments with a garden, 31 upstairs apartments with a balcony or loggia and 2 single-family homes, also with a garden. The renovation is expected to start in early March 2021.

Van der Pekbuurt (Amsterdam): renovation homes of approximately 39 to 115 square meters. You buy the house including 50 years of surrendered leasehold, a kitchen voucher and sanitary facilities.

This concerns homes on Ranonkelkade, Anemoonstraat, Begoniastraat and Meidoornplein. The surfaces of the ground floor apartments vary from approximately 39 to 63 square meters. In most cases, these are two-room houses with a bedroom at the front and a living room at the back garden. Depending on the home you buy, that garden faces south, east, southeast or southwest. The surfaces vary quite a bit, from approximately 21 to about 60 square meters.
The upstairs apartments are more spacious, with living areas of approximately 68 to 115 square meters. These houses are two-storey and have two, sometimes three bedrooms. In some homes you can even have a bedroom with a walk-in closet, walk-in shower and free-standing bath. The feeling that you are in a luxury hotel, while you are just at home. great right? And if you opt for that layout variant, it will not cost you anything extra. All upstairs apartments have a balcony or loggia.
The two single-family homes that are going on sale are three-storey and are located on Begoniastraat. The living areas are approximately 90 and 92 square meters. The gardens, which face east, are 30 and 36 square meters in size.

The look of then, the living comfort of now
In the upstairs apartments, the wooden beams in the attic provide a rural and robust touch. These types of original elements are preserved as much as possible during the renovation. The playful facade image has also been preserved, including striking brickwork, twisted roofs, dormer windows and bay windows. Furthermore, the new (wooden) frames are given the original colors from the 1920s: yellow ocher, dark green and red-brown. However, the comfort is of today, with, for example, double glazing and completely new installations. They are therefore technically prepared for a gas-free future via district heating.

Living in Amsterdam-North, near hotspots and a ferry to Central Station
The Van der Pekbuurt, a protected village and cityscape, is ideally located in Amsterdam-North. The ferry departs within walking distance to Central Station. And practically around the corner are cultural hotspots such as the A'DAM Toren and the EYE Film Museum. Typical for the garden village is the beautiful, village architecture of the 1920s. The red brick walls, the glazed yellow brick bands and the porches that protrude from the facades are decisive in the streetscape. The atmosphere in the neighborhood also has a lot from the past. The Van der Pekbuurt is a neighborhood where people still know each other. Where there is more green than stone. Where local shops offer quality instead of quantity. And where you can easily get to by car.

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