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Delivery is expected in the second half of 2022.

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Sloterdijk is rapidly transforming from a business district into a diverse neighborhood with homes, innovative and creative companies, catering and other facilities.

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Amsterdam VERTICAL consists of approximately 168 owner-occupied homes and is one of the pioneers in the many developments in Sloterdijk-Centre. The construction of VERTICAL will start with the garage and VERTICAL East, this is the high tower consisting of 112 homes, the Shared Living Space and the commercial space

VERTICAL offers homes that are unique to Amsterdam; with various types of apartments and maisonettes; houses with a vertical garden. – a new perspective on Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

Curious about the current availability and the corresponding prices? Please contact us or view the home finder on the project site.

All information is available online! On the download page of the project site you will find, among other things, the brochure, price list, the level of execution of the homes, the technical description and the sales drawings.

The 9 special principles of VERTICAL

1. Next generation sustainable living
VERTICAL is sustainable by default. We add action to word. The building uses the sun, the wind and stores heat and cold in the ground. Rainwater and warm water are optimally (re)used. Green facades and gardens offer space for flora and fauna and of course for yourself. You just need to use the building itself smartly.

2. Low energy requirement: its own heat/cold storage (ATES), solar panels and works with an innovative installation concept.

3. Shared mobility: VERTICAL, in collaboration with an operator, supplies a number of electric cars in the garage and facilities for bicycles that are partly charged with self-generated electricity.

4. Extend the landscape; By extending the diversity of the Bretten landscape in layers in the facades and roof gardens of the building, we increase the intricate diversity in nesting opportunities and food supply for birds and insects. This is how we bring nature to the city.

5. (re)use water; Green roofs will be constructed, with extra buffer capacity for rainwater underneath. Rainwater is collected on the highest roofs and under the plants and used to irrigate the plants. Rainwater is carried down through the facade gardens.

6. Five Dutch architects, one design
VERTICAL's design is a masterpiece of Dutch soil. The designs of five different architects react to each other and form a varied and harmonious ensemble. The organic cohesion between the blocks enhances the sense of community.

7. Discover the metropolitan atmosphere
Sloterdijk feels far away, but is closer than you think. The area around Sloterdijk Station in Amsterdam-West is rapidly transforming from a monoculture location to a mixed living and working area. About 1,500 new homes will be added in the coming years. VERTICAL kicks off.

8. Share facilities and mobility
VERTICAL is a place where you come home. With a number of fixed basic values in addition to your own home, such as a bar/restaurant, a gym and workspace. We understand that you want to be provided with more conveniences 'on demand' in the city. That is why VERTICAL offers facilities that are shared with other residents, local entrepreneurs or guests.

9. Living and working go hand in hand
The office is no longer the only place to work. Your home should also be a pleasant place to work. A number of the homes in VERTICAL are ideal for comfortable working from home. For example, many apartments have a separate office and it is possible to create flexible workplaces on the sixth layer of VERTICAL East. In addition, together with creative entrepreneurs, we give substance to the commercial plinth of the building. Maybe something for you?

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