Sale project - Baandervesting, Edam

1135, Edam


New living in the heart of Edam!

Baandervesting is a small-scale new residential area that closely matches the existing streetscape within the old fortifications in terms of atmosphere and appearance. Living in Baandervesting means choosing to live in an old city centre, with the comfort of today and without the lack of space that often accompanies this. Where the atmosphere of the old city center is continued as faithfully as possible, you can fully enjoy the village activity and tourist dynamics of Edam. Because the district is enclosed by wide canals, you can also easily escape the crowds in Baandervesting and enjoy the peace and quiet, the space, the greenery and the water.

The new-build project consists of more than 81 homes. The varied overall design includes a suitable type of home for every housing requirement: different types of townhouses (41), semi-detached houses (2) and apartments of different sizes (38). So whether you're a starter, young family, transitional or settled, if you see yourself living in one of the 'new monuments' in the heart of Edam, Baandervesting has something to offer you.

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