Living, working and living in a cool part of the city

Tolhuiskade. Tough, circular, lively, varied and ready for the future. That is Tolhuiskade in a nutshell. You don't live or work in this spacious neighborhood in Buiksloterham, on the northern bank of the IJ in Amsterdam; you are part of that!

Whether you are looking for a nice living environment for your family, want to enjoy a dynamic part of Amsterdam with your partner or want to establish your company in an inspiring place: Tolhuiskade is your home port. Do you want to be part of this cool, fast-growing part of the city? Which can! C.14 is being built on the Tolhuiskanaal, a striking building with commercial spaces and apartments in all shapes and sizes. The semicircular shape and 'serrated' facade give this building a unique appearance and also provide magnificent views over the water and the north side of the IJ. C.14 offers space for three business premises and 37 apartments. From cool studios and spacious downstairs / upstairs apartments to two-, three- and four-room apartments in various designs. Each house has one, two or even three private outdoor spaces in the form of a garden, terrace or balcony. How wonderful is that! In C.14 you make your dreams and/or ambitions come true. Here you live, you work, you live. In an inspiring environment with a rich history. With countless amenities within reach. And just a ferry ride away from the city center. In short: step on board and let yourself be carried away by all the beauty that this building and area have to offer.

37 apartments and 3 commercial spaces

The 37 apartments of C.14 (also affectionately referred to by the architect as “the kink building”) are spread over the maximum 7 storeys of the building; the 3 business spaces are all located on the ground floor. The offer is versatile & diverse: From practical studios, to 2-/3 and even a few 4-room houses. So whether you are looking for a nice place for your children, want to enjoy a dynamic part of Amsterdam with your partner or want to establish your company in a bustling area: you will feel at home in C.14!

Sun and view

Do you like to sit outside? Then you're in the right place in C.14! All apartments have one (or more!) outdoor areas, in the form of a garden, terrace or balcony. In two apartments you have no less than three places to sit outside! The location of the outdoor spaces has been well thought out. You have a wonderful place in the sun on almost every terrace and on every balcony. And of course fantastic views over the water and the historic harbor area!

Comfort with the capital C

The 'C' in C.14 stands for 'Plot C'. But also for 'comfort'. Everything in this building is designed for ultimate living and/or working pleasure. How about pleasant underfloor heating and cooling, for example? Or the high-quality finish with luxurious sanitary facilities and tiling? In addition, the building has two lifts and a communal bicycle shed. Last but not least: as a resident of C.14 you have your own parking space in the parking garage (C.26), plus the option to buy an extra parking space there.

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