Garden houses

VERTICAL Garden houses

The XL Garden Houses from VERTICAL are characterized by a spacious ground floor open space and have one floor. The Garden Houses are located on the second, third or fourth floor of the roof garden and have their own terrace.
The five Garden Houses from VERTICAL are available in the sizes XL and XXXL.

The Garden Houses are currently still under development and therefore not for sale, the sale of this type of housing is expected to start in mid-2020. Interested? Sign up for the newsletter on the project site and stay informed.

With a large number of homes, shared facilities, an elevated garden and four unique housing types, VERTICAL adds a new living climate to the Amsterdam housing market. VERTICAL is the start of something beautiful in Sloterdijk-Centre. And you can be part of that. The special apartments and contemporary maisonettes are currently on sale. Construction has now started!

The spacious garden houses and luxury town houses are still under development. View the currently available homes on the home finder via the project site!

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