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We have been the project broker for professional clients in and around Amsterdam for decades. Many reputable parties and institutions, including corporations, developers, investors, real estate parties and private investors, make use of our expertise and project experience. We regularly send newsletters to our current database to new-build home seekers and screen the interested buyers before they officially receive the contract.


Easy to reach

Take care of all your worries

Not just a project estate agent

The project estate agents at Van de Steege estategroup are specialists. Because we have been the project estate agent for professional clients in Amsterdam and the surrounding area for decades, we have been able to optimize and expand our services to unburden clients as much as possible. 

Total concepts for project developers

Our specialists deliver a total concept for marketing and sales. Thanks to intensive cooperation early in the development process, we achieve great results in sales. We go that little bit further with a unique total concept. This concept consists of research and consultancy, marketing and personal sales.

We guide the buyers from construction drawing to key transfer

Buying a new construction home is a big and exciting decision. The decision is made on the basis of a drawing, floor plan or model home. Only once the key has been handed over does the new owner know what the house really looks like. That is why we also guide the buyers and ensure that it is clear what can be expected. This combination of approach and involvement makes the successful Van de Steege recipe for small and large projects.

De Van de Steege nieuwsbrief

Wij hebben een lijst van geïnteresseerde woningzoekers die graag op de hoogte van de nieuwste ontwikkelingen en opkomende nieuwbouwprojecten worden gehouden. Wij brengen deze woningzoekers continu op de hoogte. Zo helpen wij woningzoekers zo optimaal mogelijk en hebben wij voor onze opdrachtgevers direct geschikte kandidaten. Schrijf je hieronder in als je ook op de hoogte wil worden gehouden via onze nieuwsbrief voor nieuwbouw, uitgelichte woningen en nieuws.

Advantages of a Van de Steege Project estate agent

Guidance from construction drawing to key transfer

Our project estate agents understand your doubts and questions. They know all the ins and outs of new construction projects, they understand matters such as construction interest and leasehold constructions and they guide you through the key transfer. Is there a lot of time in between? Don't worry, the estate agent will remain approachable throughout the period.

For project developers

Onze specialisten leveren een totaalconcept voor marketing en sales. Door intensieve samenwerking al vroeg in het ontwikkeltraject, boeken we geweldige resultaten bij verkoop. Daarin gaan wij met een uniek totaalconcept net even verder. Dit concept bestaat o.a. uit research en consultancy, marketing én personal sales. Wil je meer weten? Neem dan contact op of bel naar 020 – 435 70 40.


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Our clients

Portfolio projects

In recent years we have been chosen by many project developers as real estate agents for the project. We have fantastic references because of this. Below is a selection of projects sold by us.

Project Y-City Amsterdam

Project: Y-City 1,2 & 3, Amsterdam

Quantity: 105 apartments

Year: 2014-2015

Commissioned by: HSB

Project De Bongerd Amsterdam

Project: De Bongerd 3, Amsterdam

Number: 83 single-family houses

Year: 2014-2015

Commissioned by: ODB (Own fireplace, AM & BMG)

Project Zeeburger Zilt Amsterdam

Project: Zeeburger Zilt, Amsterdam

Quantity: 36 single-family houses

Year: 2015

Commissioned by: AM

Project The Watermark Amsterdam

Project: The Watermark, Amsterdam

Quantity: 52 houses

Year: 2015

Commissioned by: In sync

Project Carte Blanche Amsterdam

Project: Carte Blanche, Amsterdam

Number: 107 houses

Year: 2015

Commissioned by: Lintel

Project Delflandplein Living Amsterdam

Project: Delflandplein Living, Amsterdam

Quantity: 52 apartments

Year: 2015

Commissioned by: The Nijs

Project Emerald Amsterdam

Project: Emerald 1 & 2, Amsterdam

Number: 106 houses

Year: 2015

Commissioned by: AM

Project Course North Amsterdam

Project: Koers Noord, Amsterdam

Quantity: 14 houses

Year: 2015

Commissioned by: Van Wijnen

Project Luijendijk Landsmeer

Project: Luijendijk, Landsmeer

Quantity: 44 houses

Year: 2015

Commissioned by: Heijmans

Project The Blue Angel Amsterdam

Project: The Blue Angel, Amsterdam

Quantity: 10 houses

Year: 2015

Commissioned by: fluff

Project Oostpoort 2 Amsterdam

Project: Oostpoort 2, Amsterdam

Quantity: 26 houses & 42 apartments

Year: 2015

Commissioned by: BPD

Project Schouw Diemen

Project: Chimney, Diemen

Quantity: 7 houses

Year: 2015

Commissioned by: Heembouw

Project Switi Amsterdam

Project: Switi, Amsterdam

Quantity: 53 houses

Year: 2015

Commissioned by: BPD

Project Villa Mokum Amsterdam

Project: Villa Mokum, Amsterdam

Quantity: 184 studio apartments

Year: 2015

Commissioned by: AM

Project Oever West Amsterdam

Project: Oever West, Amsterdam

Quantity: 25 houses

Year: 2015

Commissioned by: The Alliance

Project Parkblok Houthavens Amsterdam

Project: Parkblok Houthavens, Amsterdam

Quantity: 130 apartments/ single-family houses

Year: 2015

Commissioned by: In sync

Project Maritime Landsmeer

Project: Maritime, Landsmeer

Quantity: 8 houses

Year: 2015

Commissioned by: Heijmans

Project Science Park Amsterdam

Project: Science Park, Amsterdam

Number: approx. 200 houses

Year: 2006-2007 and 2011-2014

Commissioned by: Heddes/ In sync

Project Lake and Shore Amsterdam

Project: Meer en Oever, Amsterdam

Number: approx. 600 houses

Year: 2006-2009

Commissioned by: Proper Stock

Project Elzenhagen

Project: Elzenhagen, Amsterdam

Number: approx. 300 houses

Year: 2008-2010

Commissioned by: blue hat

Project De Studio Amsterdam

Project: The Studio, Amsterdam

Number: approx. 400 houses

Year: 2012-2015

Commissioned by: AM/ fellow townsman

Project Villahof Vijfhuizen

Project: Villahof, Vijfhuizen

Number: approx. 600 houses

Year: 2001-2010

Commissioned by: Dura Vermeer

Project Andreas Ensemble Amsterdam

Project: Andreas Ensemble, Amsterdam

Number: approx. 550 houses

Year: 2007-2013

Commissioned by: Proper Stock

Project IJburg Amsterdam

Project: IJburg, Amsterdam

Number: approx. 800 houses

Year: 2005-present

Commissioned by: Several


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