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Home Taxation

When buying a home, a taxation is required in most cases. To avoid delays in a mortgage process, it is important that a taxation report is drawn up quickly, professionally and according to the standard.

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Purpose of the taxation

As a future homeowner, the lender asks you to have a taxation report. The purpose of the report is to determine the market value of the home you have bought. Value-determining factors include the surface of the home, the location, materials used and the state of maintenance. In addition, the selling prices of comparable homes that have recently been sold in the nearby area are also taken into account. 

Validation by the NWWI

Various lenders ask for a validated taxation report. This means that the report meets the standards set by the Nederlands Woning Waarde Instituut (NWWI). But because a taxation report is not required in all situations, at Van de Steege you can choose between a standard and a validated taxation. A standard taxation does not require the intervention of the NWWI.  

Why Van de Steege?

NWWI-valuation or not, a taxation from Van de Steege is always according to the code of honor of the Nederlandse Verening van Makelaars (NVM), which ensures you of a reliable taxation report. Is there a rush? No problem! We are available every day and work with a fast and efficient system with which we are happy to help you out in an emergency.

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