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We have been the rental estate agent for professional clients in and around Amsterdam for decades. Many reputable parties and institutions, including corporations, developers, investors, real estate parties and private investors, make use of our expertise and rental experience. We regularly send newsletters to our current database to house seekers and screen the interested tenants before they officially receive the contract.


Easy to reach

Take care of all your worries

Not just a rental agent

The rental agents at Van de Steege estategroep are specialists. Because we have been the rental agent for professional clients in Amsterdam and the surrounding area for decades, we have been able to optimize and expand our services to unburden clients as much as possible. 
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Complete tailor-made process guidance

Van de Steege's rental agents offer complete tailor-made process guidance, including:

Taking care of real estate portfolios

We go further than just renting out. We also manage many rented houses in the Amsterdam region and thousands of square meters of commercial real estate. In addition to the rental of houses, we can also collect the rent, have maintenance carried out, implement rent increases and extend current contracts. And for expansion of the real estate portfolio, we can take care of the split, finance the purchase, insure the property, investigate possibilities for subsidy, take care of the energy label and do the scoring. We already do this for many private individuals and large institutional clients. They are happy to leave their commercial, technical, administrative and/or financial management to us.

Your rental project in good hands

Rental projects are in good hands with our rental specialists. We can unburden our clients in the field of:

De Van de Steege nieuwsbrief

Wij hebben een lijst van geïnteresseerde huurders die wij continu op de hoogte stellen zodra er een nieuw huurproject is gestart of wanneer er nog een woning beschikbaar is. Zo helpen wij woningzoekers zo optimaal mogelijk en hebben wij voor onze opdrachtgevers direct geschikte kandidaten. Schrijf je hieronder in als je ook op de hoogte wil worden gehouden via onze nieuwsbrief voor uitgelichte huurwoningen, nieuwe projecten en nieuws.

Advantages of a Van de Steege Rental Agent

"Every person deserves a nice place on earth. A place they can call home or work. We help people, professionally and using advanced technology, to find, acquire, create and alienate that place."

Portfolio rental projects

In recent years we have been able to guide various rental projects (existing construction, new construction or renovation projects). We have fantastic references for both small and large-scale complexes.

Project: Acropolis, Amsterdam

Quantity: 43

Location: John Blankensteinstraat (Zeeburgereiland)

Commissioned by: The Alliance

Project: Cruquiuswerf, Amsterdam

Quantity: 123

Location: Cruquiuswerf

Commissioned by: asr real estate

Sniepkwartier phase 1 and 2 rental project Van de Steege Makelaarsgroep

Project: Sniepkwartier phase 1 and 2, Diemen

Quantity: 102

Location: Het Betonijzer, Cologne Vaart

Commissioned by: asr real estate

Bye Hammarskjoldhof, Almere

Quantity: Varying

Location: Dag Hammarskjoldhof

Commissioned by: Woonhave

Project: Parkwijk, Almere

Quantity: Varying

Locations: Bos Berry Street, Vlier Berry Street, Cranberry Street, Raspberry Street

Commissioned by: residential area

Project: Struikbuurt, Amsterdam

Quantity: 5

Location: Johan Limpersstraat 10 to 14

Commissioned by: The Alliance

Project: Zeeburgereiland Block 7, Amsterdam

Quantity: 30

Location: John Blankensteinstraat/ Faas Wilkesstraat

Commissioned by: The Alliance

Project: De Kameleon, Amsterdam Southeast

Quantity: 222

Location: Kaspeldreef/ Kruiberghof

Commissioned by: The Key

Project Berkelstraat Amsterdam - Van de Steege Makelaarsgroep

Project: Berkelstraat, Amsterdam

Quantity: 9

Location: Berkelstraat 1-5/ Rivierenbuurt

Commissioned by: The Alliance

Project: Amstelkade, Amsterdam

Quantity: 8

Location: Amstelkade 33-38, Rivierenbuurt

Commissioned by: The Alliance

Project: Gorontalostraat, Amsterdam

Quantity: 19

Location: Gorontalo-/ Nias-en
Makassarstraat, Amsterdam East

Commissioned by: The Alliance

Project Sarphatiestraat Amsterdam - Van de Steege Makelaarsgroep

Project: Sarphatistraat, Amsterdam

Quantity: 13

Location: Sarphatistraat 672-702/ Plantagebuurt

Commissioned by: Fortis

Project: Getsewoud Castle, New Vennep

Quantity: 12

Location: Habanera

Commissioned by: Actys living

Project: Leerdamhof, Amsterdam ZO

Quantity: 30

Location: Leerdamhof/ Leusdenhof 

Commissioned by: Holland Immo Group

Project Madurastraat Amsterdam - Van de Steege Makelaarsgroep

Project: Madurastraat, Amsterdam

Quantity: 10

Location: Madurastraat 32-50/ Indischebuurt

Commissioned by: The Alliance

Project: The Emerald, Amsterdam

Quantity: 17

Location: 2de Atjehstraat / Insulindeweg / Indian neighborhood

Commissioned by: The Alliance

Project: Buikslotermeerplein, Amsterdam

Quantity: 35

Location: Buikslotermeerplein/ Amsterdam North

Commissioned by: Urban Interest

Project Zeezigt Amsterdam - Van de Steege Makelaarsgroep

Project: Zeezigt, Diemen

Quantity: 38

Location: Sea view/ Diemen-North

Commissioned by: Urban Interest

Project: Borneohof, Amsterdam

Quantity: 12

Location: Borneostraat/ Madurastraat/
Indian Neighborhood

Commissioned by: The Alliance

Project: Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam

Quantity: 20

Location: Faas Wilkesstraat (Windkracht 9-A)

Commissioned by: The Alliance

Project Mosveld Amsterdam - Van de Steege Makelaarsgroep

Project: Mosveld, Amsterdam

Quantity: 13

Location: Mosveld-Berberisstraat-Latherusstraat in

Commissioned by: The Alliance


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