Prepare your home for photography, film and/or measuring

Our home photography guide gives you a good preparation for your appointment with our photographer. When we come to photograph, film and/or measure your home, we ask you to make a few preparations so that the session goes quickly and smoothly. Good preparation and the resulting products benefit the sale and the selling price of your home!

A good start is half the work!

"Every person deserves a nice place on earth. A place they can call home or work. We help people, professionally and using advanced technology, to find, acquire, create and alienate that place."

Step-by-step plan for home photography

1. Introduction

You will go through the house with our photographer. You can discuss any wishes or comments during this introduction. The photographer may also ask you to move a number of items.

2. Recording

During the recording, the photographer is fully focused on your home. In consultation, he or she photographs and/or films your home.

3. Completion

After taking the photos or videos, they are sent to the photo media provider. There they are processed.

4. Delivery

The estate agent will receive the edited withdrawals when they are ready.

Home tips

  • Less furniture and objects in the room and a logical layout make the space appear larger.
  • Opening curtains and cleaning windows allows more light to enter. Also clear the windowsill so that the view is not obstructed.
  • It is better to remove personal and valuable items. These can be distracting.
  • Remove items that do not belong in the living room. Think of trash cans, striking cables, food bowls and pet attributes. When in doubt, it is best to clear these objects away or collect them in neat storage boxes. Make the most important room in the home cozy with small additions such as lifestyle magazines, candles, a vase of fresh flowers and pillows.

Tap the photo!

Tap the photo!

Kitchen tips

  • It is better to remove utensils such as magnets, post-its, dishcloths, soaps, bottles and children's drawings.
  • Trash cans, conspicuous cords, food bowls, baskets and pet attributes are better left out of the picture.
  • A bowl with fresh fruit, a knife block or a vase with flowers gives the kitchen more atmosphere.

Bathroom tips

  • Do not let care and cosmetic products, children's toys, or a tube of toothpaste come into the picture.
  • The bathroom seems smaller when there is a lot of stuff. It is advisable to remove items such as scales, laundry basket, cloths or bathrobes.
  • Clean and dry shower walls, mirrors and faucets.
  • Colorful towels and accessories of the same color contribute to a tidy image.

Tap the photo!

Tap the photo!

Bedroom tips​

  • Make the beds tight with neutral and preferably light bedding.
  • Clear out surfaces such as bedside tables and windowsills. This creates a calmer picture.
  • Do not let loose clothing on chairs, busy posters or paintings come into view.
  • If there are computers in the room, it is better if cables are not in the picture.
  • The atmosphere is enhanced by adding a nice alarm clock or a few candles to the decor.

Garden tips

  • Remove bicycles, waste containers and other items in front of and behind the house.
  • If possible, try to park your car in front of your home for as long as possible. This prevents someone else from parking their car there. We can then more easily take care of the outdoor photos with an unobstructed view.
  • By adding cushions, candles, attributes or a nice garden set, your garden will look cozier.
  • Raise shutters and close windows.

Tap the photo!

Tap the photo!

Tips for other rooms

  • Make sure all toilet seats are down.
  • Roll up the toilet paper as far as possible.
  • Remove cleaning supplies, magazines and/or towels.
  • If necessary, wipe all surfaces with a cloth. This makes the house look fresher in photos than when stains are visible.