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VDS Woningmarkt Consultancy provides advice with regard to (complex) housing market issues such as the (re)development of new construction projects, developments in the housing markets and the successful sale of rental properties. Our clients are mainly project developers, housing associations and local authorities.

Our housing market consultants work together with external data analysts. This creates a unique combination of objectivity and very broad local market knowledge.

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By mapping the market with numbers, a complete picture is sketched of the decor in which the project operates. However, assessing how an individual project relates to this decor requires local market expertise. This expertise is provided by our housing market consultants. On the basis of the conclusions from the quantitative market research, they also provide advice on pricing, marketing, quality requirements, sales opportunities and development of the project, if desired.

Structure of the advice

The structure of the advice is entirely focused on the client's question. The standard starting points are always the same. Every advice contains two important elements:
  • The numerical substantiation;
  • Market analysis

Origin data

In order to be able to properly assess a project or an issue, it is necessary to map out the local housing market completely with numbers. Relevant trends with regard to price volatility, demographics and tight and maturity developments are examined. Complex time series analysis techniques are used to extract all relevant information from the available data. This data mainly comes from CBS, the Land Registry and the NVM.

Advantages of a VDS Housing Market Consultancy

"Every person deserves a nice place on earth. A place they can call home or work. We help people, professionally and using advanced technology, to find, acquire, create and alienate that place."

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